PaperHive launches industry consultation group “Beyond Download”


July 23, 2018, Berlin, Germany. PaperHive, a copyright-compliant scholarly collaboration network, has launched an industry consultation group focused on developing solutions for responsible PDF-sharing and measurement of off-campus content usage. The group is joined by representatives of market-leading academic publishers incl. Springer Nature, Taylor and Francis Group, Cambridge University Press, SAGE Publishing, technology provider Ingenta, data company Clarivate Analytics, and Publons.

The goal of the industry consultation group is to define a solution inspired by researcher workflows that ensures copyright-compliant usage of user-uploaded content, giving publishers additional insights in off-campus usage, sharing and networks of collaboration. The new solution will enable users to upload PDFs to PaperHive and share them privately in groups of limited size in line with STM Voluntary Principles for Article Sharing on Scholarly Collaboration Networks, while ensuring access is never shared publicly. Metadata matching will allow publishers to gain insights into PDF content usage that are similar to the ones known from online usage of HTML content.

Dr. André Gaul (CEO, PaperHive) said:

“Researchers and students have often expressed their desire to use PaperHive’s collaboration functionality with content that is currently not available on the platform or online incl. lecture slides and paper drafts. Academic publishers have also expressed interest in flexible options for enabling copyrighted content for groups of non-subscribers like authors or practitioners. We are excited to work with leading industry experts on making this possible for the research and publishing community.”

Nisha Doshi (Senior Digital Development Publisher, Cambridge University Press) said:

“Data about how PDFs continue to be used and shared after the initial download would be particularly useful for authors and for our editorial and marketing colleagues.”

Stephanie Decouvelaere (Product Manager, SAGE Publishing) said:

We think this technology opens up very interesting opportunities. The 360° view of publication usage may inform platform decisions.”

PaperHive has a limited number of seats available for this group. If you would like to participate and offer feedback on this exciting new product, please contact Alexander Naydenov (Head of Marketing, PaperHive).

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