Semantico’s Scolaris Now Has Native Integration with PaperHive


Brighton, 26th October 2016 – Semantico have announced their Scolaris digital publishing solution is now fully integrated with scholarly communication platform, PaperHive. The integration will help publishers using Scolaris to develop new revenue streams through increased usage, while giving end-users enhanced usability and an enriched experience.

Publishers with sites on the Scolaris platform can opt to switch on the integrations at any point. PaperHive supports and develops scholarly communication networks by enabling open and private annotations and discussions to be added to research papers.

Semantico’s Chairman and Co-founder, Richard Padley, said:

“It’s exciting to see next-generation tools such as PaperHive integrated into the Scolaris user experience. Scholarly communication is evolving and supporting collaborative working is essential.”

The first of a program of strategic partnerships, PaperHive is one of the most exciting scholarly publication tools available. The strategic focus of the Scolaris digital publishing platform is to give publishers commercial flexibility and end-users a great experience, and integration of best-of-breed tools within the platform’s modular structure supports both aims.

Tasha Mellins-Cohen, Semantico’s Director of Product Development said:

“This tool promises exciting new opportunities for the publishers using Scolaris. PaperHive is particularly interesting to me, as it helps us meet the commitments we made earlier in the year as part of the Annotating All Knowledge Coalition.”